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Happily Ever After at Harbour Mist

This sweet couple tied the knot on a sunny day in August, surrounded by friends and family at one of Nova Scotia's most unique and charming wedding venues. Since moving to the East Coast nearly 7 years ago, (time flies!) taking in the ocean has brought me an unspeakable amount of peace and calm and gratitude. I had never seen the ocean before, and that grounded, surreal feeling comes over me every time. It never gets old! When I arrived at Harbour Mist early in the morning on Celina & Ryan's wedding day, I was greeted with the most expansive seascape. It's truly a spectacular view, a view I could watch for days. I've been lucky enough to work at Harbour Mist a few times since, and each time I set up in front of the primary suite window and enjoy that wonderful view all morning long. Celina and her wedding party were the kindest group, with an awesome getting ready playlist - they were so much fun to get ready with! I loved their 'mismatched' dresses, which looked like a collection that was made to wear together. They looked stunning! Each dress was a reflection of everyone's own personal style, and it really shined through. What started as a trend has quickly become a classic, and for good reason! The show-stopper of the day was Celina's swoon-worthy bridal gown, with a delicate, beautifully detailed (and detachable!) sleeve. I say this about all of my brides - and I mean it, Celina was the most gorgeous bride.

My signature style of makeup is to enhance the natural beauty that already exists. I like to use soft tones, a light hand, thin veils of colour for a diffused, seamless blend. I like movement, just like the ocean. (Makeup artists find inspiration in the most unexpected places) Every product blends effortlessly so you can't see where the bronzer ends and the blush starts. Everything plays together, which keeps your eyes moving. Instead of focusing on one key feature, the makeup fades to the back and your true beauty is brought to the forefront. While I will always admire a beautiful makeup, my best work flies under the radar, where the compliment is "wow, YOU look beautiful." This way, your makeup look is classic, fresh and modern all at the same time. Celina's wedding day beauty inspiration was a photo of Shay Mitchell. Clean, fresh, modern, natural. It suited her beautifully.

If you follow me on social media, there's a high chance you've already seen many of these photos. I loved every detail of this wedding, the style, the decor and of course, the beauty. Sinead Dubeau really has a way of capturing a wedding day in it's true, natural beauty. You can really feel the romance in the air through her art.


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