her way to the East Coast of Canada. I stumbled into this industry somewhat haphazardly, picking up my makeup-hobby and enrolling in the Makeup Artistry program at the Canadian Beauty College in Toronto. After graduating with honours, I worked to adapt my techniques, sharpen my skills and obtained further education to offer more services to my clients. I had never intended to find a career in Makeup, it was actually my mother's idea (and I listened, for once.) During my seven years as a makeup artist, I've worked in film, fashion and bridal. I've found such a love for creating art and making connections with my clients and fellow creatives!  After servicing brides in my home town, I gave into wanderlust and moved to Montreal, Quebec with my partner-in-crime, Ryan. I stepped out of my creative comfort zone and pursued a career in fashion, which elevated my growth as an artist and a professional. As most twenty-something's do, we set out to find more excitement and wanted to explore another beautiful Canadian province. We packed up the contents of our downtown loft and mapped our way to Halifax, where I would pick up where I started and discover a career as a wedding vendor. Fashion artistry has always been a passion of mine, an outlet to channel my creativity. But nothing quite compares to the joy and fulfillment of being a part of someones "special day!" My job is not just about applying makeup, but educating and inspiring others and making people feel confident and beautiful. When I'm not working to better my business and my craft, you can find me hanging out with my 3 year old thinks-he's-a-lap-dog pitbull-boxer Copper, or binge watching netflix with the love of my life. My hobbies also include bubble baths, eating ice cream (or both at once) and obsessively buying books and candles. I'm really just a funny girl, an oversized-tee shirt and pj-pants advocate with a love for art and making people smile. I am as happy as I've ever been in both my personal and professional life, and I really believe my stars have aligned and I'm right where I belong. (Welcome to Cheeseville, right?) I have so much gratitude for the overwhelming amount of support and encouragement Ryan and I have receieved from our family and friends back home, and all of the amazing and beautiful people we have gotten to befriend along the way. I look forward to learning your story and creating beauty together!

I'm Danielle, a licensed makeup artist and bridal hairstylist from Southern Ontario who wandered

- Danielle

LICENSED MAKEUP ARTISTS | HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA | hello@daniellegrasleymakeup.com